Castrop-Rauxel, town park
Schungelberg Housing Estate, Gelsenkirchen
Castrop-Rauxel, old town centre
Castrop-Rauxel, Erin trading estate
Old Henrichenburg Ship Lift
Schloss Beck leisure park, Bottrop
Jewish museum, Dorsten
Zollverein pit , Essen
 Zollern Colliery II/IV, Dortmund
Zollverein  Pit,  Essen
Stairway to Heaven, Gelsenkirchen
Sculpture wood, Gelsenkirchen
Lembeck moated castle
Monastery gardens at Kamp Lintfort
Rungenberg Mining Tip, Gelsenkirchen
Castrop-Rauxel, town park
Castrop-Rauxel, town park

The town park is within walking distance of the old town centre. It contains a disused open-air swimming bath which has now been refurbished as a bistro ("Parkbad Süd") and cultural centre. The old bath itself has now been changed into an open-air stage venue, and there is a "boules" area next door on the site. You can borrow "boules" free of charge in the bistro.

I have been writing plays since 1962 when I won the University of Wales Eisteddfodd playwriting prize for a lousy Harold Pinter derivative one-acter whose title I have long forgotten. So Harold I guess you're to blame for this. I continued writing a little during my time as an acting student at the London Drama Centre where we had to both write and perform sketches. Whilst acting at the Sheffield Playhouse I wrote a cabaret-type review in 1968 called The Continuing Tale of the Supermale to commemorate women's fight for the vote in GB. This was my first professional effort and gave me the taste for more. My first play to be performed in London was Mary Mary an expressionist piece performed by the Freehold Company (director Nancy Meckler) which played at the Theatre Upstairs in the Royal Court. I subsequently won the Thames Television Playwrights Award in 1974 for a large-cast play about homeless teenage drug addicts called Downers. This was only performed once at Bradford University where it received a great review from the TLS. In 1976 The Compleat Whole Earth Catalogue, a play about a rural hippy commune received a reading at the Royal Shakespeare Company and was later produced as a radio play in Germany. I wrote two plays with Patrick Barlow which were performed at the Almost Free Theatre in Soho and the Theatre Royal Stratford East. In 1980 my award-winning play Stronger than Superman premiered at the GRIPS Theater in Berlin. It was subsequently translated into over 20 languages and has been in constant repertoire throughout the world for the last thirty years; currently in Seoul (South Korea), and in 2011 in Linz (Austria). In 1984 I won 1st prize in a national competition in Germany for the libretto for an opera (composer Susanne Erding) entitled Joy which later premiered in Kiel. I have written three holocaust plays about artists in the ghetto at Terezin (Theresienstadt), Camp Comedy, Dreams of Beating Time and in 2014 Count Two Free. My play Cathedral of Heresies about the abuse of power in the Roman Catholic church and its murderous implications was translated into German as Kathedrale des Irrglaubens. By contrast my latest play : THE LAST TRUMP ; that was written before the election of the current President of the USA, is a six-hander comedy about global surveillance, an appallingly popular tv quiz show and its power-mad showmaster, Lenny Lord, whose ambition is "to make the world great again". But the world is quickly being destroyed, not only by the likes of Lenny Lord, but its inhabitants. and four mysterious candidates on the show are determined to put things right....
Another play, completed in September 2015, is called "Eden's Garden". It's about Great Britain's betrayal of Poland in the Second World War and the Polish resistance hero Jan Karski. For more see "Latest News" on the "Home" page. Anyone interested in reading digital version of the plays should email me.

As well as my work for the stage, I have had radio plays produced in Germany and tv plays shown in England.

Amongst the authors I have translated are Moliere (Don Juan, Monsieur de Pourceaugnac), Goldoni (Mirandolina - La Locandiera), Gozzi (King Stag), Heinar Kipphardt (Brother Eichmann), Patrick Süskind (The Double Bass) and the plays of the GRIPS THEATER in Berlin.
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I have written three holocaust plays, all of which take place in Terezin (Theresienstadt). The first, entitled DREAMS OF BEATING TIME(1988) is a huge cast epic dealing with the fate of ...
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