Castrop-Rauxel, town park
Schungelberg Housing Estate, Gelsenkirchen
Castrop-Rauxel, old town centre
Castrop-Rauxel, Erin trading estate
Old Henrichenburg Ship Lift
Schloss Beck leisure park, Bottrop
Jewish museum, Dorsten
Zollverein pit , Essen
 Zollern Colliery II/IV, Dortmund
Zollverein  Pit,  Essen
Stairway to Heaven, Gelsenkirchen
Sculpture wood, Gelsenkirchen
Lembeck moated castle
Monastery gardens at Kamp Lintfort
Rungenberg Mining Tip, Gelsenkirchen
Castrop-Rauxel, town park
Castrop-Rauxel, town park

The town park is within walking distance of the old town centre. It contains a disused open-air swimming bath which has now been refurbished as a bistro ("Parkbad Süd") and cultural centre. The old bath itself has now been changed into an open-air stage venue, and there is a "boules" area next door on the site. You can borrow "boules" free of charge in the bistro.
Other activities

I am constantly being asked to give talks and lectures to various institutions, ranging from adult educational institutes, colleges and universities to clubs and societies. I am also in demand as a speaker of English texts for museum audioguides, English film commentaries (documentaries and commmercials), voice overs and film dubbing
A few years ago I developed a one-man show called Shakespeare in Love, in which I talk about Shakespeare and his life, interspersing my comments with readings from the sonnets and famous monologues. The most interesting development from my talks on the Ruhrgebiet in Germany has been a two-hour one-man cabaret in German (!) entitled "Roy KifFt im Pott. Ein engländer stolpert durch’s Revier”. For those in need of an explanation, the German word for smoking marijuana is “Kiffen”. Roy Kift, therefore, literally sounds like “Roy smokes pot”. The phrase "im Pott" is a common term used to mean in the Ruhrgebiet, as is “das Revier”. This explains the rest of the title, "an Englishman staggers through the Ruhrgebiet". I sometimes offer a thirty-minute version to open conferences in the Ruhrgebiet, or for friends and acquaintances on celebratory occasions.
Another result of "Tour the Ruhr" is that I am sometimes asked to give people guided tours of the Ruhrgebiet, both in English and German.
A new development in my activities has been recording English texts for documentary films and museum guides.
I keep in touch with current theatre trends in Germany by writing theatre reviews for the American Theatre Journal "European Stages", which is published by the City University of New York.
Apart from my experience of directing plays in both England and Germany, I am also available to give theatre workshops in both English and German.


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Shakespeare Personal

In this section - which I shall be continually updating - I shall be communicating a few of my current concerns, interests and enthusiasms...
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